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Once you allow yourself the luxury of a boudoir photoshoot the anticipation starts! How do you want others to see you? There are literally a billion ways to depict someone. It does not necessarily take a whole lot to create that special sensual atmosphere you desire. It are the subtle details that create that atmosphere you love and make you feel sensual and look beautiful.

The best thing about feminine beauty is that it is undeniable! Our eyes cannot unsee it! No matter what we do as photographers to hide it, our brains will immediately recognize it. This provides the canvass to start painting the feeling you want to associate yourself with that might trigger the brain of your beloved and be the start of something special!

Starting off with a luxurious hotel room in mind and your most favorable lingerie will already create a setting in which you will feel wonderful and sexy. Now start adding in the details as you woman are experts in. Like leaves of a rose covering the white blankets and your body or a lace vintage mask covering your face that guides the observers attention towards your beautiful eyes. There are so many details you can play around with. Some of them you plan in advance, but jointly we will discover many of the possibilities during the course of the boudoir shoot.

Although many boudoir photographer choose for a traditional boudoir setting, I love the challenge of creating an environment that suits you as a personality best. A location that creates that heavenly atmosphere that really turns you on. The environment that completely matches your desires and in which you love to expose your sensuality.

Urbex exploration, the ideal canvas for feminine beauty

As an example not everybody dares to show off in an Urbex setting, but the contrast between your feminine beauty and the raw building materials literally creates unmatched beauty between the deserted worn out building and your soft, sensual and fragile skin. It can give you a enormous adrenaline kick to shoot in undiscovered locations where the exploration becomes a part of the adventure! Nothing wrong with choosing a well-known boudoir setting, but going pushing your imagination beyond will trigger your fantasy which might make you end up on a tropical island or just create the illusion that we did shoot those gorgeous images of you on a palm beach.

Having said that: I am really curious what your favourite setting for a sensual and erotic photoshoot is?

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